Season Review: The non-F1 drivers

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Karun Chandhok:

The first half had 3 races while the second half was a busy one with 5 races. The team looked pretty strong in the second half with two podium finishes in non-manufacturer class. They had a good start in Silverstone but after looking great in Brazil & Bahrain, the team missed great opportunities to finish on podium. But in Fuji & Shanghai, they finally managed two P5 positions, including pole position in qualifying. The last two races gave them their best positions till date. In the end they finished P3 in LMP1 category with Karun finishing in P10 with 50.5 points.

Fair to say that Karun had a great year in Endurance racing, a good start in this series. We shouldn’t forget that he is just a rookie here, even his team mates are almost double his age and very experienced drivers. He has adapted well to this type of series, looked in good shape all throughout. He was positive all through the year and delivered with performance in a car which wasn’t the best in terms of Audi & Toyota. The team itself were having their first year in Endurance series. I am pleased with his performances and I hope the team runs next season and retains him. Of course, would like to see him in F1 which he is trying himself but things as of now not looking that great with limited race & reserve seats available.  Any ways, I wish him all the best for whatever he does in 2013.

Parthiva Sureshwaren:

Before mid season break, Parthiva didn’t race in the two races but he said that he will be back for Hungary & Monza but that was not the case as he didn’t race in the last two races of the season as well. It might be something to do with sponsors and disappointing performances, we will never know. It’s not a great thing to happen, specially with an Indian driver when there is dearth of good Indian drivers. But that’s how it is in the motorsport world, I think.

I can understand that Parthiva was having a troubled season and I was very disappointed with the results. He showed pace and performance in many of the practice sessions but just couldn’t convert those in qualifying or in race.  The missed chances and thus he didn’t race in the last 4 races of the season. He did participate in MRF Challenge during the Indian GP and the SIDVIN festival of speed at BIC where he did a good job but apart from that we are yet to know as to what he is going to do for next year. With F2 series being finished off, his next best option will be GP2 and would certainly hope to see him there.

Armaan Ebrahim:

Something similar happened with Armaan like we saw with Parthiva. Though I felt Armaan was more to do with money issue as the results were good enough though not great or on expected lines of team & Armaan. But for a rookie year, I think it was best the team or Armaan could have done. He became the second Indian driver to race in US but unlike Narain, his time ended sooner than expected.

Since then he hasn’t done much apart from karting for his foundation of Meco Motorsports and few events with various organisers. He had signed with Sunred Engineering in GT1 Championship and raced in one race before leaving the team as the proposed race in India was scrapped.  He even scored points there but sadly due his run ended with only 2 races. He was present during the SIDVIN festival but wasn’t racing. We still don’t know as to what he is going to do in 2013, something in sportscar series or he can too try for GP2 series.

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