What's happening this weekend? (2)

As promised, we need to properly preview Shahaan Engineer & Armaan Ebrahim who have races this weekend.

Formula Renault 2.0
There are three races this weekend taking place at the Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands. After three solid races last time out in Most (Czech Republic) the championship looked like this:

Drivers' championship (10th-13th):
10) Andrea Pizzitola (126 pts)
11) Shahaan Engineer (117)
12) Sandy Stuvik (113)
13) Leopold Ringbom (108)

These standings only tell half the story though as with 30 points for a win, there is a potential 90 points on offer this weekend! So everything could completely change.

They are already underway and Zandvoort, here are the results so far:

FP1 Result: Engineer 6th (1:38.777).
FP2 Result: Engineer 6th (1:38.290).

So heading into qualifying, things were looking great for the young Indian - but, they got even better!

Qualifying One Result: Engineer 2nd (1:37.778).
Qualifying Two Result: Engineer 1st (1:36.611).

At the start of the season, Shahaan was a mid-grid driver. But he's really developed quickly and these results demonstrate that. Front row of the grid for races one & two - great effort!!

We'll let you know how he gets on later today! :-)

After maximising the cars' potential and scoring two points on his debut at the last race, Armaan Ebrahim was hoping for more of the same this weekend at the Nürburgring, Germany.

However, he doesn't appear to be racing this weekend. The Spanish team, Sunred, have opted to give the seat this weekend to Frenchman Laurent Groppi. Perhaps the deal with Armaan got nullified when the season finale, which was due to be held at the Buddh International Circuit, got dropped.

The Indian race was dropped due to the "economic slowdown in Europe" according to Askari Zaidi (vice-president of corporate communication at Jaypee Group).

A shame for Armaan, he'll now probably turn attention to working on a drive somewhere in 2013.

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