Golden age of young drivers?

Formula Renault 2.0
The last time we updated you, Shahaan Engineer had just had the following results at the Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands:

Qualifying One Result: Engineer 2nd (1:37.778).
Qualifying Two Result: Engineer 1st (1:36.611).

There were three races this weekend, these are the results:

Race One Result: Engineer 6th (15 points).
Race Two Result: Engineer 2nd (24 points).
Race Three Result: Engineer 2nd (24 points).

What a cracking weekend for the 17-year old Indian! He's the youngest driver in the series, yet he was able to score more points than anyone during this round - very impressive stuff.

(Shahaan with his 2nd place trophy after race two)

(Shahaan (left) on the podium after race three)

Shahaan started the season as a top ten runner but then he had a lot of bad luck. As a result he began finishing further into the midfield halfway during the season. However as we're now getting towards the end of the season, Shahaan really seems to have upped his game. Considering his lack of experience in comparison to other drivers in the series, these podiums are incredibly impressive. Perhaps Shahaan has the potential to be India's next racing star?

There are two races to go at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. It's going to be absolutely fascinating to see if Shahaan can maintain his current, impressive pace.

Drivers' championship (5th-9th):
5) Steijn Schothorst (195 pts)
6) Shahaan Engineer (180)
7) Kevin Kleveros (180)
8) Stoffel Vandoorne (176)
9) Gabriel Casagrande (162)

Shahaan managed to jump from 11th to 6th this weekend, great stuff!

Formula Pilota China
The series wasn't in action this weekend, but we now received the results in full from last weekend (Guangdong, China):

Race One Result: Ghorpade 1st (20 points), Bharath DNF.
Race Two Result: Bharath 3rd (24 points), Ghorpade 8th (1 point).
Race Three Result: Ghorpade 1st (21 points), Bharath 6th (6 points).

Again, a cracking weekend for Indian drivers. In fact, we had an Indian on the podium in each race!

(Parth Ghorpade celebrating his two wins in Guangdong)

Championship standings:

Drivers' championship (1st-8th):
1) Antonio Giovinazzi (138 pts)
2) Dan Wells (118)
3) Parth Ghorpade (110)
4) Sean Gelael (92)
5) Ren Nagabuchi (91)
6) Shota Kiyohara (74)
7) Raj Bharath (58)
8) Yin Hai Tao (36)

Best Asian driver trophy (1st-5th):
1) Parth Ghorpade (135)
2) Sean Gelael (131)
3) Ren Nagabuchi (116)
4) Raj Bharath (88)
5) Shota Kiyohara (79)

Teams' championship (3rd-5th):
3) KCMG (138 pts)
4) Meco Motorsport (50)
5) Asia Racing Team (22)

Fantastic positions for Parth Ghorpade in the championship, 1st in the Asian trophy, 3rd overall. Raj is also doing quite well too for his constantly-improving level of development.

Parth really does have a shot of the title though, which is awesome! Just to give you some idea of what this means; last season Swiss driver, Mathéo Tuscher, won the title. This season, Mathéo entered Formula Two (despite only being 15-years old) and he's 2nd in the championship, with two races to go - he could still win the title. This shows that you need to be talented to win the Formula Pilota China title. Is Parth Ghorpade India's next racing star?

As for the teams' championship, Parth drives for Eurasia Motorsport who are leading. We just highlighted Meco Motorsport as they are the Indian team, they gave Raj his drive.

Final Word
These results are very promising for the future, will Shahaan & Parth become the new Narain & Karun? Only time will tell!

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