Do Football and F1 mix?

We've seen two F1/English Premier League (Football, Soccer in the US) tie-ups recently.

The Caterham car carries the QPR logo as Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes owns both teams & the Sauber car carries the Chelsea logo in a commercial deal.

Caterham's CT01 sporting the QPR logo

Sauber's C31 with the Chelsea Logo

What if it was the other way round though? What if F1 teams sponsored football teams? Those of you who follow me on twitter (@f1peter27) will probably know i am a big Newcastle United fan. For my own amusement i mocked up some fantasy kits for my team, with Sahara Force India as the sponsor!! They actually turned out quite nice. I may as well share them with you guys, enjoy!

Home Kit
Away Kit
Third Kit


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