Belgian GP - Practice Two Results

Results: di Resta 4th (2:51.333), Hulkenberg 9th (2:59.125), Karthikeyan 24th (No time set).

I have decided that these laptimes are the most pointless in the history of Formula One.

In my last report, i said:

"You know it's very wet when you see drivers taking over two minutes to complete a lap"

but now:

You know it's very wet when you see drivers taking nearly three minutes to complete a lap.

No-body even went out on track at all for the first hour, but then teams tentatively sent drivers out just to get some data on the practice starts in the pit lane. We only got laptimes right at the end of the session when drivers can do practice starts on the grid rather than in the pitlane. As they crossed the finish line on that practice start, we got a laptime. Rather bonkers laptimes actually; Charles Pic in the Marussia topped the session!

The only real winner today: the weather.

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