What's happening this weekend?

Ahhh, don't you just love back-to-back F1 weekends? Enjoy it anyway as after this weekend we have to wait a whole month until the next race!

Unusually, it's the ONLY series in action this weekend from our point of view, makes my job far easier! It's round 11 of the 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship; the Hungarian GP.

If you read my review of the last race you'll saw that i said:

"The Hungaroring circuit has generally experiences even hotter temperatures than we saw at Hockenheim which means even worse tyre degradation [for Sahara Force India]. However it's that close this season in terms of baseline pace that if the team manages to get the setup bang on, then a good result is possible. It is more likely that we'll struggle though".

Since then though, i've realised there may just be a saving grace. When i wrote that article, predictions were that the Hungarian GP would be dry & hot over all three days, but now, it has all changed! Friday has a 30% (and increasing) chance of precipitation. Saturday 10% chance and Sunday 80% chance.

Ideally Sahara Force India need a dry Friday with a wet Saturday & Sunday. Why a dry Friday? Well that's when all teams test their upgrades, and the last two race weekend Fridays have been wet - no/limited testing means very little development has been made to the cars (all cars, not just the VJM05) in the last two races. When all the developments get put onto the cars, it could really change the pecking order; perhaps the team have fixed their high tyre wear issues.

This is how things currently stand in the constructors:

Constructors championship (5th-8th)
5) Mercedes (105 pts)
6) Sauber (78)
7) Williams (47)
8) Force India (46)

As i've already stated in previous articles, i see no reason why the team can't outscore Mercedes by 59 points in the period post-Hungarian GP to the end of the season. It may be hard to score this weekend though, rain will probably be our best bet.

Meanwhile at the back, Narain Karthikeyan will have the usual aim, attempting to beat his teammate & the Marussia drivers. I do feel sorry for the Indian driver always being at the back - but i guess we should probably just be thankful we have a driver from our country in the pinnacle of motorsport.

Post-Hungarian GP is the F1 summer break, we'll have a few special articles during this time, including a feature on Narain Karthikeyan :-)

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