Saturday Analysis

So, Nico will start a VERY impressive 4th, and Paul will start a fantastic 9th.

It was a highly impressive day for the Sahara Force India boys, but actually we probably shouldn't be surprised. Remember the Brazilian GP in 2008? Nico Hulkenberg, for Williams, surprised everyone with a pole position in mixed conditions. He's turning out to be a driver like Adrian Sutil, flourishing in changeable conditions.

The chance of precipitation in tomorrows races is 15%, then again, it seems we can't trust the raceday forecasts recently. In all honesty, i am not sure if we want the race to be dry or wet really.

We've seen that the wet conditions can be good for the car, as demonstrated today. However both cars are setup for the dry conditions - it really depends on what other teams have done in terms of setup. One thing that will play into our hands, irrespective of weather, is that the car is the fastest of any through the middle sector - this will be particularly helpful when it comes to attacking or defending positions!

Many people have been tipping Nico for a podium tomorrow, and clearly it's possible from his position, however there is also the chance that he could lose places - we need to be prepared for that as big names like Button, Hamilton & Webber are all behind Nico on the grid. The ultimate aim for tomorrow will be to outscore the teams we're fighting in the constructors championship for 5th place, this is how they qualified:

Mercedes (3rd & 21st)
Sauber (12th & 17th)
Williams (5th & 14th)

Overall, Sahara Force India is in the better position - so we should be out-scoring them this weekend :-) This is the first race in a long time that the team have exceeded expectation; if the team have a good, clean race tomorrow, with a decent strategy then big points could come our way :-)

At the other end of the grid, there is not much to say really. Narain Karthikeyan will start at the back, and hopefully he'll be able to have a good battle with his teammate de la Rosa, and the Marussia's. Narain actually improved considerably between FP3 and qualifying - let's hope he can continue that upward trend! Unfortunately, he is limited by his machinery though.

We wish the very best of luck to our three hopefuls this weekend, i am very excited - just can't wait! :-)

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