Saturday Sweep-up

Just because it's Sunday doesn't mean we can't do a sweep-up article, think of it as a pre-race article :-)

So we have Paul starting 8th, Nico starting 13th and Narain starting at the back in 24th.

It's looking promising for Sahara Force India, a double points finish in on the cars today! Let me share with you a dream i had last night - it was the opening lap of the race, and Vettel led Hamilton into the final corner. However Vettel took the final corner wrong and smashed into the wall of champions! Hamilton, who had a slipstream, followed him straight into the wall too - as did all the drivers ahead of di Resta which allowed the Scotsman to win the race. Okay, it was just a dream but you never know what could happen! :p

Of course that's probably not going to be the case, however it's worth taking note that because the barriers are close to the track a safety car around Canada is a probability rather than a possibility. I remember back in 2008 there were four safety cars in Canada - that was a particularly insane race. This track is under-estimated in my opinion actually, i can't EVER remember a dull race here? Anyway, i bring up the probability of a safety car as that could really change things today depending on how different drivers are running their strategy; it could benefit our cars but it could equally hamper us - let's see!

The problem Paul has starting 8th is that most of the drivers infront of him are some of the best in F1 meaning that gaining positions will be very, very tough. Some unreliability for the teams infront would be nice from his point of view.

Both Paul & Nico need to stay out of trouble on the opening lap, see what position they sit and then decide upon what to do then in terms of strategy. It's going to be fascinating to see how this plays out to be honest!

Narain Karthikeyan was admittedly just slow in qualifying but he has demonstrated this season that his race pace is good; so he still has every chance of beating his teammate and the two Marussia's.

If you have not seen the post-qualifying quotes from di Resta, Hulkenberg, Mallya and Karthikeyan you can read them here. We wish all of our drivers the very best of luck today, it should be a great race from a spectator point of view, let's hope this is the final order of the cars post-race:

The cars post-qualifying waiting to enter Parc fermé with Force India at the front of the queue.

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