One year on: Thank You!

Sunday 10th June was the day when Auto India Sports turned one year old! Myself and Darshan thought we'd share our thoughts with you about the blog on this massive milestone.

Darshan Chokhani
A year back it just started as a small blog for the Indian motorsports fans to get up to date information of the Indian drivers, series, teams in the world of motorsports. We had the sole motto of sharing our views and information. I am very happy and bit proud to have completed a year with the blog. Before we got together I was longing to get into writing and just then Peter approached me, perhaps at the right time, maybe fate? And there we begun, we were not sure how things will work out but gradually the ideas came popping in and we got into the groove of things. We had some dis-agreements among us, which is quite normal but we never let it hamper our blog updates. I was glad that we got some big interviews along the way, we also had a contest and surely we are thinking of the same and some new things in the coming year. I am seriously surprised with the response we have received from all our readers, 400 odd likes on Facebook and some 16,000+ views in a year is beyond my expectation. I cannot thank you enough for the feedback, all the readers are the part of the success of the blog. I am enjoying blogging very much, I never thought that I will be doing something like this, sometimes I do feel like a proper journalist. Would just like to sign off with a huge thank you to all you readers. I hope you will continue supporting us, lots to come this year.

Peter Santamaria-Woods

Well it's been quite a journey! This all started when i noticed many fans on the Sahara Force India facebook page didn't really understand Formula One fully and were left confused about things like strategy, tyres and performance. However there were also many fans who DID have a great knowledge of the support and always understood exactly what was happening within F1. Hence the blog was born, trying to help educate people and get fans excited about Indian motorsport; fans helping fans! Since the first Indian Grand Prix, the sport within our country has grown massively with more Indian racing drivers than ever before. This means we've had to expand our coverage alot. It has been very enjoyable from my point of view but also very stressful at times; as Darshan said there have been behind-the-scenes arguments, but that was to be expected - our friendship and passion is still as strong as ever. The very positive thing is that as our blog has expanded, our fan base has too! We currently have 406 facebook likes and over 16,000 views from many different countries including the UK, the US, Russia - and of course India too!

So one year on and yeah, it's gone great, better than expected at this stage. However that doesn't mean we have achieved our aims yet - there's still lots of development to go and we're very excited!! You'll see another phase of this development in the next few days when we start to look for a new writer to join our team; more coverage means more articles and we've pretty much reached our limit for two regular writers. Therefore we need a third, more news of this shortly!

Finally, thank you to all you fans who keep coming back to read our articles - you're the main guys really, without you there would be no point in doing this so thank you, keep up the support, invite your friends and just enjoy! :-)

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