One year on: Stats!

As part of our one year celebrations, we thought we'd give you some stats to give you a better insight into our phenomenal expansion since our birth.

Top blog posts (based on number of views)

1) The sight, sound and smell of an F1 car, experienced for the first time (516 views)
2) Indian Grand Prix- My journey from Kolkata to Greater Noida (195 views)
3) i1 Supercar Championship (187 views)

Top pages (based on number of views)

1) Supported Drivers (303 views)
2) Indian GP (213 views)
3) A Journey Through Time (174 views)

Top interviews (based on number of views)

1) Emma Buxton (155 views)
2) Karun Chandhok (122 views)
3) Parth Ghorpade (88 views)

Top page views (by country)
1) India (7095 views)
2) United States (2720 views)
3) United Kingdom (1750 views)
4) Russia (817 views)
5) France (633 views)
6) Germany (380 views)
7) Finland (107 views)
8) Canada (91 views)
9) Netherlands (85 views)
10) Brazil (64 views)

Top page views (by country, as a percentage)

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