Armaan leaves Fan Force United!

Here is a press release from Armaan Ebrahim's team, Fan Force United:

It is with regret that Fan Force United announces a mutually agreed upon and fully amicable decision to part ways with their first-year driver, Armaan Ebrahim.

Commenting on the decision, Fan Force United team co-owner Chris Williams said “Armaan is a fine young man, and we are quite sorry that this partnership has not worked out as we had hoped. Armaan has worked incredibly hard for the team,
as has everyone involved, but for whatever reason, things did not click and we did not get the results that we all required. We separate from Armaan with no hard feelings, and wish him the best of luck in whatever direction his career takes. It has been a pleasure to work with him, and to have him as part of our team and part of our families. We do want to make sure that everybody knows that Armaan lived up to all of his obligations to the team, and that this is a mutual decision taken on both of our parts that is related strictly to our on-track goals for the year. Given the right circumstances, we would love to be able to work with him again. It is always difficult to take such steps, and we can only wish that things had turned out differently.”

Echoing his partner’s comments, Fan Force United team co-owner Tyce Carlson added “These are trying times, as Armaan had very much become part of the family. We want to thank Armaan for all of his hard work. Armaan showed a lot of character and made a great deal of progress in what was a difficult situation for him personally, as he left home, friends, and family to travel halfway around the world in order to move up to the most difficult level of competition than he has ever experienced. Everybody associated with him should be quite proud of him, as not only is it clear that he has developed the talents and skills to succeed at the top levels of our sport, but also because he is a great ambassador for the sport and for his home country of India.”

Through last weekend, Armaan, driving the #24 JK Tyre/AMG sponsored machine, had posted finishes of 8th (St. Petersburg), 12th (Birmingham), 12th (Long Beach), 13th (Indianapolis), and 10th (Detroit), having experienced tire issues (Birmingham) and engine problems (Long Beach, Indianapolis) in three of his five starts.

Talking about what comes next for the team, the final member of the ownership group of Fan Force United, Scott Williamson, added “Fan Force United intends to continue in Firestone Indy Lights competition for the remainder of the 2012 season, and we hope to be making announcements in that regard in the very near future. At this time, we do want to say thank you to both our new and long-time fans for your support and understanding. See you at the races!”

I personally have to say that this decision seems very, very odd. I'm sure there's more to this than meets the eye.

I thought Armaan was impressing this year, 10th place in the championship (the 5th best rookie out of 14 rookies) and a general decent start to the season. During race four, at Indianapolis, Armaan had a teammate for the first time this season - Armaan finished 13th in that race while his new teammate, Emerson Newton-John, finished 17th. So to say i can't understand this decision would be an understatement.

Nevertheless the press release says: "mutually agreed upon" so we must respect the decision, perhaps Armaan himself was unhappy there - we just don't know, infact we may never know for certain.

So what now for Armaan? Well he has the option of rejoining the Formula Two field if he is able to raise enough cash or perhaps he'll stay in the US and join another team in Indy Lights.

Whatever Armaan finds himself doing, we wish him the very best of luck!


  1. But He Was 5th in The Rookies Rankings, maybe coz of the funding, cannot see any other angle to it

  2. Possibly funding but that doesn't really make sense. His sponsors will have known all the costs at the start of the season, why would he have to quit halfway through?


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