Mugello Test - Day Two

Result: di Resta 13th (1:24.749).

A disappointing day for the Scottish driver as he only managed 14 laps today; considerably less than his rivals. The reason for this is that he had a hydraulic issue, which eventually resulted in an engine change.

Robert Fernley (Sahara Force India deputy team principle):
"We had some faults in the data and we needed to do quite a few changes to the hydraulic system to eliminate it; a bit of a painful day. [The] problem was tracers. We were just worried it was going to cause an issue, partly safety and not wanting to cause any damage. We changed everything; the engine, the hydraulic pack. The key thing was to make sure Paul was comfortable. We will change our schedule, run half a day with Paul [Thursday] morning and Nico in the afternoon, to give them equal time in the car".

Paul di Resta (Sahara Force India driver):
"The lack of running isn't a huge concern. I don't think it's massive. We're quite limited with what we were going to learn anyway, given the way the track is. It's not got that many similar characteristics compared to the tracks we're racing at. It would have been nice to get some more running, but these things happen. If we can get cracking tomorrow and get a full programme in we'll be okay".

As Paul said, not major - but also not ideal. It's made worse by the fact that yesterday was disrupted by the rain.

Anyhow, let's hope tomorrow will be different! Paul in the car in the morning, Nico in the car in the afternoon - could provide a great comparison for us as fans :-)

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