F1, F2, Indy 500 Report

This is a brief report on the all the series going on this weekend.

F1- Sahara Force India & Narain Karthikeyan, FP3 & Qualifying report:

FP3: Nico Hulkenberg, P15 (1:17.027) & Paul Di Resta, P18 (1:17.390), Narain Karthikeyan, P23 (1:19.147)

It was a nice and sunny weather for FP3 as team prepared for the qualifying. After a gap of Friday, the teams had plenty of time to analyse the Thursday data. Sahara Force India drivers went through their normal FP3 program as both started of on softs as Paul even did a 7 run stint after which his rear tyres gave up. Both did two stints on soft tyres before taking up supersoft towards the end of the session. Paul had a minor off as he hit the barriers and had damaged the car's nose a bit. Hulk ended at P15 while Paul at P18, the times were close yet again. Karthikeyan continued his good performance in the HRT as he ended at P23, the team is looking rather good than the other races. There was no real problems in that HRT as they went of with all they had planned.

Qualifying: Nico Hulkenberg, P10 (1:15.421), Paul Di Resta, P14 (1:16.062), Narain Karthikeyan, P22 (1:19.310)

There were talks about qualifying being affected by rain but it didn't happen and the day went without any rain hassle. Qualifying started off well for Sahara Force India as Hulkenberg ended at P1 in Q1 though he used a supersoft tyre towards the end. Both the guys went into Q2 without any problems and then the real test begun for them to get through to Q3. They started on used softs as most of the field did went on to use the supersofts. Hulkenberg was right on the brink and was sitting good to make it to Q3 but Kimi bumped him down to P11 while Di Resta didn't get a good lap at all as he did most he could do, he said post qualifying that he was struggling with rear and traction. Additionally, Hulk ended at P1 in the speed trap with a speed of 282.5. Both stand to gain a position due penalty to Maldonado. Karthikeyan on the other hand made it under the 107% by a good margin, doing that in the small Monaco track is a very good sign of the development. He too stands to gain a position due to Maldonado's penalty. (Note: Above positions mentioned are after Maldonado's penalty)

F2- Parthiva Sureshwaran

FP1: P6, 1:48.479, FP2: P16, 1:50.360, Qualifying 1: P12, 1:48.302, Race 1: P12

Parthiva started off the weekend in Nurburbring in style as he ended at P6 in the first practice session, it was looking all good at the start but the rest of the weekend the results weren't good enough for him as ended last in P16 in the second practice session. Today in qualifying 1 he ended at P12 as ran just 9 laps. While in the race also he ended at P12, he did loose a place as one of the car suffered a DNF. Things haven't been going well for him this season at all. There's Qualifying 2 & Race 2 tomorrow, he would be hoping to do well and end in a higher position as we too hope for some good results from him.

Indy 500- Armaan Ebrahim, Fan Force United

Qualifying: P12, Race: DNF

This was the results the team wasn't hoping for at all after all the preparation they went through for this big weekend. A double DNF and luckless time on track is the worse result a team can get. With Emerson joining the team prior this race, the teams were in high hopes with two of their drivers but something else had been written for them. Having qualified at P12 though Armaan pointed out that he used a wrong gear otherwise he could have ended at a higher position but nevertheless it was good enough position to start his first ever oval race. In the race, he got away from the start melee in which his teammate got involved but towards the end the team found out about a fuel pump problem and his race ended 5 laps before the end. He got 17 points which takes his tally to 77 points and he is P11 in the drivers standings in his first season.

Also Aditya Patel was in action last weekend where his team Audi won in the 24 Hours of Nurburbring as we update you guys on our Facebook page. If you haven't checked it then head on to our page and check for the results.

Well, that's it from our brief report. Sorry for the lack of updates as our members are bit busy this weekend.

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