Aditya Patel Interview!

We have a little present for you guys today, an interview with VLN driver and Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup race winner Aditya Patel!

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We actually had two questions submitted by you guys via our facebook page, they are answered below along with some other questions we put to the rising star of Indian motorsport.

1) "WHY did you all of a sudden change from Volkswagen to Audi? I Mean because you were doing extremely well in the R-Cup" (from Mohit Gouthi)

Volkswagen and Audi belong to the same family. By shifting to Audi, it opens more avenues to move forward in GT racing since Audi runs their cars in some of the most prestigious series' in the world. Logically, it would be a step forward after using the Scirocco R Cup as a proving ground. It is probably the most competitive cup series in the world today!

2) "Aditya r u lukin 2 switch 2 single seaters......n ur ultimate goal ? Is it F1 ?" (from Zain Khan)

As of now, I'm sticking to saloons. Although you've been watching me grow up through single seaters, I somehow felt more at home when I switched to saloons. So far, I'm enjoying saloons and will stick to it for as long as I can!

3) How did you get into motorsport? Tell us about your journey. (Auto India Sports)

It all started with hobby karting on the weekends. My parents didn't really have much choice. They HAD to take me to the kart track when I was young! From then on it's been step by step up the ladder and making improvements lap after lap,race after race. From karting I shifted to single seaters and after a year in FBMW, I shifted to Saloons and things have gone well ever since!

4) Who is your racing idol, and why? (Auto India Sports)

Ayrton Senna. Need I say more...?

5) How closely do you follow the fortunes of other Indians in motorsport? (Narain, Karun, Parthiva, Armaan, Sahara Force India etc.) (Auto India Sports)

To start with, I do share close relations with all the above drivers. I guess in India racing is like a family. So yes, I do follow their progress and learn a lot from them. As for Sahara Force India, it's great to have an Indian owned team up in formula one! It's only a matter of time before we see two Indian drivers in it too!

6) Sahara Force India recently held their one from a billion (OFAB) academy contest but you couldn't take part as you were too old to enter; would you have been interested in entering if you were under the maximum age limit? (Auto India Sports)

Of course! After all, it's an opportunity that very few people get and to have your racing being taken care of at such a young age in a professional manner would be like a dream come through.

7) The OFAB contest is just one way we can see Indian Motorsport developing, another is the opening of the Buddh International Circuit; have you had the pleasure of driving on it yet? (Auto India Sports)

Yes, I've had the pleasure of driving around it many a time! It's one of those circuits that seems to get better lap after lap.

8) Back to your career, where do you hope to reach in the future - Formula One? World Rally Championship? (Auto India Sports)

Well, in the next five years, I hope to have driven at Le Mans, World GT1 and DTM. These maybe unusual to most, but to me, it's where a want to be!

9) Do you feel being an Indian has helped or hindered your career (extra publicity being one of few Indian drivers vs being hard to find sponsors)? (Auto India Sports)

Good question. In the beginning it definitely wasn't all hunky dory but as years went by, I began to find a footing it Touring cars and this opened a whole new avenue of motorsports for me. Having now signed a 3 year contract with Audi, it's like a childhood dream come true. The aim now is to work together with Audi and to move up the racing ladder.

10) How about for this season, what are your aims in the VLN series? (Auto India Sports)

It's only a few VLN races that I will be participating in. As for the rest of the season, there are many surprises in store!

A very cryptic final answer by Aditya, might we see him racing in another series, along with VLN, before the end of the season? To learn more about the Indian VLN driver, please visit his website here.

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Stick with us here at Auto India Sports - we'll have more interviews with more people in the near future!

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