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Lots has been said about the Vettel/Karthikeyan incident in the F1 last weekend and now it's time for me to have my say. Here is the incident if you have not yet seen it:

From the first angle we see on thd video, it looks as if Sebastian cuts infront of Narain. However on the second angle there is definitive proof that (as much as i hate to say it) Narain is at fault.

At 14 seconds into the video:

This is Sebastian making the move with Narain's left hand wheels near the curbing.

At 15 seconds into the video:

Sebastian is now infront and this is where the contact happens. Look at the position of Narain's wheels now, far away from the curbing, he has changed his line more toward the centre of the track.

Narain changing his line is fine, he was probably trying to get slipstream from the Red Bull, however he simply misjudged the situation and tapped Sebastian's car. This does happens from time to time, the Indian driver just needs to be a little more careful next time!

As for Sebastian calling Narain an idiot (also in the video), well that's completely wrong but i also think people have blown it way out of proportion. Sure, Sebastian should not have made the comment, it's unfair and unjust. However what people don't seem to remember is that when Sebastian gave the interview he'd only recently got out of the car, the adrenaline will have been pumping and he was angry - naturally that leads to comments of this nature. What will be a true test for Sebastian is how he responds in his next interview, i expect the German to apologise but let's see!

Meanwhile, Sauber have said they are in favour of budget caps in F1. This would be a good thing for all smaller teams, especially Sahara Force India! The team have proved in the past that they can be the best of the midfield teams while operating on a much smaller budget than some of those around them - if a budget restriction was placed on all teams, including the manufacturers such as Ferrari and McLaren, you can only dream of what the outcome could be! Wouldn't be surprised to see Force India grabbing some wins within a few seasons of a budget cap being imposed!

Nothing has been decided yet though but discussions between FOTA and the FIA are on-going.

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