Friday Sweep-Up

There has been alot of criticism surrounding Sahara Force India and their decision not to take part in FP2 and quite frankly i am very angered. Don't get me wrong, i'm angered at the criticism thrown towards the team and fully support the decision not to run in FP2.

One fan inparticular posted on the teams facebook wall with this:

"hey are happy with two of their members leaving them in the middle of the GP (because some home-made firework exploded like 5 meters from them) and now they skip the whole FP2 , not giving any chance for their pilots to prepare for the race (because they afraid of driving in the dark???!!!...despite Bernie's offer to escort them) what a pathetic excuse of a team!!! They dont have the b***s of an 80 years old man and they call themself a racing team?? Way greater organizations like Mclaren and Ferrari had all their employees loyal to them, they ran the maximum number of laps today and thats the attitude you have to have towards your job (especially if your job is RACING which is not for p*****s, never was , never will be) Force India, shame on you. its the decision (thats how it spelt) of cowards who doesnt respect their job and doesnt respect racing. also, this decision is actually acknowledging the "work" of those few hundred idiot protesters and their stupid little home-made fireworks because now they can rightly think they won. there is NOTHING to respect in this decision. teams like this shouldnt be racing. racing has always been about a risky game, the game of real man who are 100% determent and focused on winning".

... this is a disgusting comment that is factually incorrect, and shows a complete lack of respect to the team - not to mention an outstanding amount of ignorance and an extreme lack of knowledge about the sport.

True, all the other teams didn't skip FP2, but they also didn't have petrol bombs and Molotov cocktails land inches away from some of their team members. Sure, the chances of something happening were low - but Sahara Force India are a team who stick together. If some of the team are feeling uneasy about having a near death experience (which is completely understandable) then the rest of the team need to rally round and try make them feel more comfortable - and this is exactly what was done. The decision to not take part in FP2 causes no real disadvantage and makes those team members involved in the incident feel safer - why would they not do it?!

Even if not taking part in FP2 were a disadvantage to the team (which it isn't as they still got the relevant FP2 data by looking at other cars on track), in all honesty i'd rather be part of a team who look after eachother and perform badly than a team who have no spirit and win.

Fans who make comments like this should be totally disregarded in all honesty. Everyone has different views, i completely understand and respect that however views need to be expressed in a structured way and not in a way that is incomprehensible, insensitive and down right rude.

Anyhow, that's enough of that. Back to the racing:

Sahara Force India had great positions in FP1 but this is solely down to them being the only team to run soft tyres. However, when on hard tyres Paul and Nico were still both solidly in the top ten which does look promising heading into FP3 tomorrow - we may well have a good result on the cards.

As for Narain Karthikeyan, he was way off the pace of his teammate all day however strangely enough no-one mentioned anything about problems with the car. Perhaps de la Rosa is just good around this track whereas Narain is not - it's definitely something to watch out for tomorrow.

Here is what everyone had to say:

Paul di Resta (Sahara Force India driver)
"The track was very green and dusty to begin with, but we got on with the programme quickly and did the usual balance work, cooling checks and got a feel for both the medium and the soft tyres. The baseline set-up was not a long way off, but our focus for tomorrow is to improve our performance in the low-speed corners".

Nico Hulkenberg (Sahara Force India driver)
"It was a different approach to FP1 today and we made sure we ran all three sets of tyres to get the data we need for the race. The session went okay and the car felt quite good out of the box, although there is still some fine-tuning to do in FP3".

Jakob Andreasen (Sahara Force India chief engineer)
"A very busy morning programme with a lot to get through considering we haven't raced in Bahrain for a couple of years. After the initial balance checks we looked at our brake and engine cooling solutions and dialled the cars into the circuit with some mechanical and aero set-up work. We have pretty much used up our tyre allocation this morning, which has given us all the data we need heading into tomorrow when we can hopefully deliver a strong qualifying performance".

Narain Karthikeyan (HRT driver)
"Today we tried out a lot of different options to save the tyres because it's very hot out there and they degrade quickly. And we worked on that objective in these two practice sessions. Apart from the work with both Pirelli options, we covered a lot of laps to see if the car is overheating, but it seems to be doing fine. Tomorrow we will change things a bit and adapt the car for the race and, although the weather conditions are a bit extreme, it responded well today, and hopefully we can keep that going for the rest of the weekend".

We wish the Indian contingent the very best of luck for tomorrow!

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