F2 - Friday Report

Practice One: Sureshwaren 17th (1:53.257) +3.932s
Practice Two: Sureshwaren 6th (1:34.549) +0.738s

Two practice sessions today brought two very different results for Parthiva Sureshwaren, in very different circumstances.

Practice one was wet - very wet infact and although the rain eased towards the end of the action there were still puddles on track at the end of the 45-minute session. The Indian racer struggled to find grip in this session and ended in last place, considerably behind the other drivers; 0.721s down on Plamen Kralev in 16th and 3.932s down on session leader Luciano Bacheta.

Practice two on the other hand was dry. In these dry conditions Parthiva thrived and set a laptime which was impressive enough for 6th place - that's a great effort!

This once again confirms what we wrote in our preview article here. Parthiva is quick when he has had practice,  but often struggles with limited running. In this instance, he was slow on a wet track which he's not used to, but quick on a dry track which he has had lots of running on so far. As such, Parthiva will be hoping it stays dry tomorrow so he can impress once again during qualifying one and race one!

We wish him the best of luck - of course we'll have a Saturday report to let you know how he fairs.

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