Hulkenberg's interview & National Racing championship dates

A mix bag of news we have here. First up is an interview of Nico Hulkenberg by the F1.com officials. He talks about various topics in an interesting Q&A, from VJM05 to his teammate to the competition around to his maiden pole position in 2010 Brazilian GP. He thinks that Di Resta will have an early advantage over him as the former has a good year experience with DRS, KERS and other changes but adds that the advantage will be gone in few races after he gets his rhythm back.

On his and the team's chances in the 2012 season he says, "I think we have a realistic chance of finishing fifth in the constructors' championship. It will definitely not be easy, but I'm sure it's possible. Now for the hopes - I hope for some rainy days and some messy races that will allow smaller teams like us enjoy some surprising results. And finally, the dreams - it would have to be many more moments like Brazil 2010!" To go through the whole interview click here.

In other news Federation of Motorsports Club of India (FMSCI) revealed the calender for the 15th season of JK Tyre National Racing Championship as well as the Indian National Rotax Max Karting Championship. For the Rotax championship, only two weekend dates have been announced with season starting on 16-17 July while ending at 12-13 October. Click here to read the article.

The 2012 calender of JK Tyre National Racing Championship, season finale to be taking place at Buddh International Circuit on either of the two dates mentioned:

Round 1: 30th June- 1st July (Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore)
Round 2: 20th-22nd July (Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore)
Round 3: 24th-25th August (Irungattukotai circuit, Sriperumbudur)
Round 4: 15th-16th September (Irungattukotai, Sriperumbudur)
Round 5: 5th-6th October (Irungattukotai, Sriperumbudur)
Round 6: 23rd-24th October/ 1st-2nd Novemner (Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida)

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