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We've got an absolute tonne of news for you guys on various topics; this article will be a long one!

Let's start at our favourite topic of late, Force India. They have signed a deal with London-based fashion company Hackett which will see the brand become Force India's official supplier. This may mean new race shirts and merchandise for 2012 - we'll let you know if we have any info on that.

India's other F1 hope, Narain Karthikeyan, has finally managed to get some mileage under his belt in a 2012-spec car. Most people know about the HRT financial woes which meant that the team did not have their car ready for pre-season testing. However their car was eventually unveiled, although after all the pre-season tests were over, and it has since hit the track.

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In addition to the pre-season tests, every team gets one filming day and that's when Narain completed 10laps around Barcelona. This is what he had to say:

"Today was a shakedown of the F112 and I have had the honour to be the first driver to test it. The first impressions are quite good; it's definitely a step up from last year. We couldn't do any set-up work or stuff like that but everything seems to be working fine and there are no major problems so we can look forward to the season now. Everyone has worked hard and the new team management has put everything together in a very short period of time. They've done a proper job with the car and I'm sure that it's a big step forward from last year, so hopefully we can take the competition to the teams we were fighting last year".

The problem with the teams only testing being during a filming day is that 2012 tyres are not allowed to be used. Instead, on filming days, teams are ordered by Pirelli and the FIA to use special demonstration tyres which means that no real setup work can be done. Furthermore 10laps is not really alot of mileage.

We would love to see Narain do well this season but given HRT's lack of testing and their apparent lack of money, things are not looking good for the Spanish team. Let's hope at the very least that Narain gets to the end of the season though; in recent years HRT have a habit of replacing Indian drivers midway through the season (Karun Chandhok 2010, Narain Karthikeyan 2011). Having said that, i personally think Narain is more likely to see out this season until the end - looking at HRT's new livery the only sponsor they have is Tata, which Narain brings to the table; if they were to sack him they would lose their one and only major sponsor, and we know how much HRT need the cash!

Right, what else ... oh yes! Karun Chandhok has had an interview with another blog; JackLeslieF1, which makes for good reading, you can find that here.

Speaking of good reading, there is a quite brilliant article online here about brothers Kush and Arjun Maini; the latter of which is on Force India's young driver programme after winning the 2011 one from a billion driver hunt. I urge all of you to read it when time permits!

Our final piece of news for today is actually about our own blog! If you're not a member of the facebook group then you will have not heard about the competition we are running! It's not too late to enter so check it out! Details below:

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Over the coming days we'll be updating many of the pages on our blog, please bear with us while we adjust things a little!

Thanks for reading, bye for now!

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