Competition - Feedback!

Now our competition is over we thought we'd give you some collective feedback on your answers!

Question 1
Force India's 2012 car is named the VJM05; but what exactly does VJM stand for?
Answer: V=Vijay Mallya, J=Jan Mol, M=Michael Mol

We wanted to start off the contest with a hard question and we thought lots of people would answer this incorrectly - we were right! It's a common misconception that VJM stands for Vijay Mallya; people who put this received zero points. Despite predicting lots would do this we were disappointed as we had blogged about this misconception late last year here. It is worth noting at this point that we never penalised spelling during the competition.

Some people knew that the Mol family were part of the answer, however they didn't know the names Jan and Michael and so one point was awarded. Lots of you got the full two points however!

Question 2
At the start of the year the federation of Motorsports clubs of India (FMSCI) had a number of nominees called up to serve on various FIA commissions. How many people were called up and what were the names of those people?
Answer: 8 people -
B.Vijayakumar (single seater)
Farhan Vohra (circuits)
J. Balamurugan (drag racing)
Manjeev Bhalla (cross country rally)
Manvendra Singh (historic motorsport)
Prabha Shankar (volunteers & officials)
Shivu Shivappa (rally)
Vicky Chandhok (CIK karting)

We knew lots of people would google this answer however there was little we could do about that! Only one person did not receive the maximum two points and that was most likely due to not reading the question properly. This person gave the names of the eight people correctly however they did not specifically say "eight people" and the question clearly stated "how many people were called up". Essentially we gave one point for the correct names and one point for the number eight.

Question 3 
Karun Chandhok is the ambassador for a racing series based in Asia, what is the name of this series and how many Indian drivers took part in a race in this series in 2011?
Answer: JK Racing Asia Series, eight Indian drivers

The first part of the question was fairly straightforward however we'd expected some of you to fail at the second part. Eight Indian drivers took part in the JK Racing Asia Series, seven of them were guest drivers specifically for the Indian GP so we had expected some people to to just say one Indian (Raj Barath) was participating (as he's the only permanent driver) but we're glad to say none of you fell into our trap! There was some clear copying of answers going on as one contestant posted the names of the eight Indians and then another contestant also posted the names, in the same order, with the same grammatical mistakes. There was nothing we could do to stop this however. Although even if someone was to correctly copy every answer, they would only be tied on points with the person they were copying. If this were to occur the person who had been copied from would win due to faster response time and so copying wouldn't really get you anywhere in this contest.

Question 4
How many times has an Indian driver/s won a race in the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup and in total, how many pole positions have Indian driver/s taken?
Answer: 2 wins, 1 pole

We were surprised to see so many people get this question wrong. Lots of people answered 1 win and 2 poles (correct numbers but the wrong way round). Aditya Patel had pole at the Nurburgring (2010) which he then went on to win. He also won at Oschersleben (2011). The other Indian in the series, Sailesh Bolisetti, has never had pole or a win. Anyhow there was one point for "2 wins" and one point for "1 pole".

Question 5
Name all the Indians who have previously entered the historic 24 Hours of Le Mans race and what position did those Indians finish in?
Narain Karthikeyan - 7th

One point awarded for Narain Karthikeyan (or NK as one contestant wrote) and one point awarded for "7th place". We were surprised to see a few of you believed Narain finished in 6th, we suspect however that one contestant got the question wrong and other people copied his incorrect answer.

Question 6
Force India currently have Mercedes engines, but who supplied engines to the team in their very first season in the sport?

A very easy question here, everyone got the maximum two points, 'Nuff said!

Question 7
Armaan Ebrahim is an Indian Racing driver, but for how many races did he represent India in the now defunct A1GP series, and what was his best result?

22 races, 11th best result

One point was for knowing that Armaan's best result was 11th. The other point was for knowing he had represented India in 22 races. As we'd expected though, nearly everyone dropped points here, infact only one person got the full 2 points! Most people said that Armaan had taken part in 21 races and this is true to a certain extent. The discrepancy comes at the 2005 Malaysian feature race where the Indian driver was excluded from the results after being pushed by the marshalls. However an exclusion from race results still counts as a race start in the record books therefore the correct answer was 22, not 21.

Question 8
How many F2 races did Parthiva Sureshwaran take part in and what is his best result?
25 races, 10th best result

The first point was for knowing the best result was 10th. The second point was not so straightforward. Parthiva has been entered into 26 races in F2, however he did not start one of them. As the question says "take part in" the correct answer was 25 races; but we thought we'd be kind here. If you wrote the correct answer 25, or if you wrote 26 with a DNS (or words to that effect), we gave you the second point!

Question 9
Name the three drivers who won Force India's One from a billion competition to graduate into the Force India academy. Note: Name the drivers in the order in which they finished the competition.
Arjun Maini, Tarun Reddy and Jehan Daruvala

Everyone who answered got the full two points here. We thought the order of the drivers would trip some of you up but we're glad to say it didn't! :-)

Note: response time not taken into consideration for this question as we were late posting it due to internet connection problems!

Question 10
Team India owned a franchise of A1GP. How many race starts did Team India have? Also, name the drivers, and name the cars' chassis, engine and tyre history.
69 starts
Drivers: Armaan Ebrahim, Karun Chandhok, Narain Karthikeyan, Parthiva Sureshwaren
Chassis history: Lola, Ferrari
Engine history: Zytek, Ferrari
Tyre history: Cooper, Michelin

We were VERY surprised to see everyone answer this correctly (although it's quite clear some people copied). Infact, most people gave more information than required!

For the record, one point for 69 starts and one point for the chassis, driver, engine and tyre history.

Note: Internet connection problems once again meant no response time was considered for this question.

Question 11
What is the name of the racing driver who is half Indian and half another nationality? Also, what series is he currently racing in?
Neel Jani racing in the World Endurance Championship

Once more full marks for everyone on this question. A few of you put World Endurance Series rather than World Endurance Championship, but we didn't penalise it.

Question 12
In which year did the first ever racing event take place in India and which two major cities did it run between?
1904 between Delhi and Membai

We wanted to end on a hard question and were amazed when everyone got full marks! Very impressed!

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who took part and we look forward to holding more competitions in the future!

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