Barcelona - day two

Result: Hulkenberg 7th (1:23.893).

Today was a frustrating day for all the teams, but especially Force India. There were a total of eight red flags during the session (surely some kind of record?!), which interrupted everybody's programmes and made things very difficult for the teams.

Nico Hulkenberg was the cause of one of the stoppages as his VJM05 came to a halt on track; the reason for the stoppage would later be announced as a drive line failure. As a result of the stoppages, Force India only managed 33 timed laps.

Nico said the following:

"The morning was quite affected by red flags! I caused one of them. But you're in the garage, you want to get on with the programme or you are just starting a run, and the red flags come out. Obviously it's not ideal but that happens in testing. We had a problem with the drive line, gearbox related stuff. It was nothing we have had before. Today was a bit compromised, with only 36 laps. We obviously wanted to do many, many more runs but we didn't run in the afternoon apart from one lap; so that's not ideal, but it still looks positive overall".

So all in all a disappointing day for Force India but at least Nico remains positive! Let's just remember that testing is the ideal time for failures to happen; better now than during a GP weekend!

Hoping for better luck tomorrow when Paul Di Resta gets back behind the wheel!


  1. A drive line is esentially the powertrain. In other words the group of components that generate power and distribute it to the track surface :-)


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