VJM05 - Technical analysis/details

The VJM05 was launched yesterday and since then all the analysts have gone down analysing the car, the modifications made, the new parts and all the technical details. Here is Gary Anderson (ex-Force India), BBC analyst who shared his thoughts on the new VJM05 to Reuters.

"Looking at their car, relative to other people's, I see a car here that I believe is a big step forward. And they weren't slow at the end of last year. As I said to (technical director) Andrew (Green), you could be a pain in the ass for quite a few of the guys up front. I'm not saying they will go out and beat Red Bull, Mclaren or Ferrari but I think they (the top teams) could be looking at these guys lap times just to make sure they are not going to get beaten. The whole concept looks to me as though it functions. The move of the front wing from last year to this is for me absolutely excellent. The concept, the vision of it is what I'd liked to have seen...unless there's a real Achilles heel in there somewhere, I think it will be pretty good".

Click here for the whole article on Reuters. For those interested in more analysis of the VJM05, you can read this article, gives you a nice detailed description of the new car.

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