Jerez - day two

Results: Bianchi 4th (1:20.221s), Di Resta 6th (1m20.272s).

Another productive day for Force India with both Jules Bianchi and Paul Di Resta clocking up 115 laps for team. Mileage is still the aim for the Indian team at this stage; interestingly Force India are the only team to complete more than 100 laps on both days of the test so far (101 yesterday and 115 today) - in total that's 957km of running!

Initially things look very positive for the VJM05. After yesterday's test Paul said:

"If we look at where we were this time last year and where we are now it's a massive step up the road, it's almost three seconds already, but then the end of last year was very good for us. All I can say is that has been a very productive day and we can be happy with what we have done. We got through all the test programme and we did a bit more actually, we had a good approach about what we had to do. We had some aero stuff this morning that led on to some runs and then we did some long runs in the afternoon and it was all fairly good. I think we can be relatively quite happy about the work we've done over the winter and what the guys have achieved".

"Obviously all the fancy engine modes have gone and the exhausts and essentially you've lost a ton of downforce there, but the car is well balanced and where we put it on track is where we ended up, which gives you encouragement about what's going on in the background with simulations and stuff, and that it is working right because that's where we have migrated to. The whole thing seems a lot better, but you know we've achieved 101 laps on the first day out, so the mileage and the reliability was good which is always a positive. Now all this test is about is gathering information. It's not about performance. You know somebody said to me earlier: 'Who was fastest at this test last year?' and I didn't know, and they replied: 'Barrichello'. I couldn't tell you who was fastest at Barcelona last year but I can tell you who was fastest at the first race, and that's all this test is fundamentally about - us correlating what is happening back at the factory to make sure the next upgrade that we bring, hopefully before Melbourne, works. So you just need to make sure that the car is saying the same thing that the tunnel is saying. And, on the track it feels relatively balanced and I'm very happy with it. It's a good starting point to work away with".

What about our other driver? Nico Hulkenberg. He spent the day filming with German TV channel RTL which included a photoshoot and interview.

(click to enlarge)

Meanwhile our three other drivers, the academy boys (Arjun Maini, Jehan Daruvala and Tarun Reddy) were in action today at a pre-season kart test in Italy! If we have any news on how they performed we will let you know :-)

All in all a very busy day for everyone associated with Force India.

Combined Best Times - Jerez Test (Force India)
1) Di Resta (1:19.772, day 1)
2) Bianchi (1:20.221, day 2)
3) Di Resta (1:20.272, day 2)

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