Jerez - day three

Results: Bianchi No Time Set

The plan for today was more mileage through first Jules Bianchi in the morning and then Nico Hulkenberg in the afternoon. That didn't out to be the case however.

On Bianchi's third installation run the Frenchman lost control of the VJM05, skidding across the gravel and tapping the tyre barrier with the rear right hand corner of the car. That incident was the first crash of 2012 and it brought out the first red flag of the day.

Binachi was okay, infact the impact wasn't that big and the damage was minimal. The problem however is that spare parts needed to be flown in from the teams base in Silverstone ... the parts did not arrive in time for the end of the session and so there were only two installation laps completed for Force India today.

Jules is a rookie so we expect him to make these mistakes, it's better that it happens now than in a Friday practice session so there is nothing to worry about at this stage :-) Hulkenberg will not be a happy driver however, he has still yet to drive the car. He should be driving all day tomorrow however, let's see how many laps he can clock up!

Bianchi said:

I made a small mistake on my second run. The tyres were a bit cold and I spun into the gravel and touched the wall with the right rear wheel. It was not a very big impact, but it caused some damage. I'm very sorry because my mistake has cost the team a lot of time and effort. Going away from here I want to focus on the positives because we had a very good day yesterday and I've really enjoyed working with the team this week".

Technical director Andrew Green added:

"a bit frustrating to lose some track time today, but we will take it on the chin because we had two very productive days earlier in the week with plenty of mileage. The damage to the car was not that significant, but a lack of spares at this time of year meant we could not go back out in the afternoon. The car will be ready for tomorrow morning when Nico gets his test programme underway. We will resume the aero work we started this morning and make the most of the tyres that we saved from today's limited running".

In addition to this we have more Force India news coming your way in a news roundup article within the next ten minutes, stay tuned for that! :-)

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