Interviews - Di Resta & Parthiva

It's all busy in F1 again as the first pre-season took place in Jerez. Every team looking for the right set-up, the all important data from the new car and of course lots of interviews with the media. All popping up questions about the new car, contracts, season hopes and what not.

Here is an interview of Paul Di Resta taken by the F1.com where he talks about VJM05, on the team & Dr. Mallya's aim of achieving P5 in Constructors Championship, his personal aims for the second season, his ex-teammate Sutil and lots more. On VJM05 he says, "The VJM05 is not just an evolution of last year's car- there are some pretty big new parts there based on our new philosophy and we are very confident that it will deliver." On a funny note he says, "Well, the front nose is different, the exhausts are pointing in a different direction, the colour code is different and it has black tyres.. (laughs) That's all I can tell you - the other things are hush, hush, top secret! (laughs)." You can read the whole interview here.

Moving from F1, The Hindu (Indian newspaper) took an exclusive interview with Parthiva Sureshwaren. In the interview he talks about how he started with racing, difficulties he faced to get to the level he is in, his upcoming F2 season, fitness and his aim to become the third Indian F1 driver and lots more. It's a very candid interview, click here to read.

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