i1 super series postponed!

Much to the disappointment of Indian Motorsport fans the scheduled inaugural i1 super series has been postponed until 2013.

This decision has been made by series organiser Machdar Motorsports for a number of reasons such as clashes with political elections, unavailability of drivers and teams and conflict over franchise ownership. Read more on the reasons behind the decision here.

Naturally this is very disappointing however i actually believe this to be a good thing! Many things appeared to have been rushed with regards to this series. For instance, the franchises hadn't even all been confirmed yet and also some drivers did not yet know which events they would be participating in.

Delaying the series until 2013 gives the organisers time to ... well, organise! Furthermore they can promote the series and try get more people interested. When it does happen, it will be awesome, but we'll have to wait a little longer than initially expected for the excitement to begin.

We'll be updating our i1 super series page, actually, all our pages in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that! :-)

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