Further thoughts on the VJM05

Here are Darshan and my (Peter)'s thoughts on the new VJM05 - enjoy!

Darshan Chokhani

I was not at home when the launch took place though I had hoped to be but while outside I managed to check on the car via my mobile. The first picture I saw had a side view of the front end of the car, I could see the platypus nosecone and parts of the new colour pattern. My first reaction, “so we too have what people term as ‘ugly’ noscecone”, but my stand remained if that’s what regulation demands and improves the car performance then so be it.

I went through all the pictures and read some analysis about the car, all positive must say. My view is that the colour pattern is nice and new, every year they change the pattern which is a good thing to do. The most striking thing which I liked was the green colour used in the front wing. Talking about front wing, this is a completely new design by the team which looks quite complicated. The sidepods were the next thing which was slightly different from previous year while the airbox was totally new from last year. Coming to the nose, the unusual part is the “black rod” giving the nose a hammerhead shape which adds to the oddness of the nosecone.

Overall, I think VJM05 is an aggressive design and could pose a challenge to the lower top teams such as Lotus & Mercedes. At least, I hope that this is the scenario as last season the team ended on quite a high and surely they would want to take it to the next level.

Peter Santamaria-Woods
Unlike Darshan i was online at home during the launch. This first picture i saw was via twitter and it was of the car under a black sheet in preparation for the unveiling. From the way the sheet was sitting on the car it was quite clear that the team had gone for a dipped nose design; not pretty, but could be quick!

As the car was unveiled i actually thought to myself "what an ugly looking car" ... i didn't even like the livery design! Don't get me wrong i love the colours but initially thought the VJM04 design was better. After further analysis and inspection however the livery design grew on me and i have to say i've now done a complete u-turn as i love it! Although i can't say i like the idea of changing the livery year on year the VJM05 does look bloody good! :-)

What i have been impressed with about the VJM05 is the way that it's received unanimous praise; even from technical minds! Although we won't know the cars speed until it hits the track the Force India sure does look more aerodynamic than the other cars launched so far including McLaren and Ferrari, but only time will tell!

5th in the constructors is the target this season but i think more may even be possible! I think we could beat Mercedes and Renault based on outright speed (we were very close last season with no $100M investment) plus i also think McLaren will have a poor season to due to some oversights in car design (e.g. they are the only team so far to not have a dipped nose). People make the argument that to finish in the top five we will have to beat an ex-World Championship winner but let's not forget we have already done that with Williams!

Perhaps this is all wishful thinking however ... only time will tell!


  1. Waiting Eagerly for the first test to start and the news of how teams fared at the end of the first day's testing

  2. We'll have that news for you Tihom! :-)


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