Force India VJM05 is here!

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We all knew today was the day the wraps were to be taken off the VJM05 which is the car that will contest the 2012 FIA F1 World Championship to represent Force India. Everybody was waiting with baited breath to see if the team had gone for a dippy nose (like Caterham) or a streamlined nose (like McLaren).

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The cover was taken off and the VJM05 was born! The car is radically different from the VJM04 (2011 car). The obvious changes included a dipped nose (like Caterham and as discovered very shortly after the Force India launch, like Ferrari too) and also a slight change of colour scheme. In addition some sponsors have been shuffled around on the car; Sahara is FAR more visible. For more pictures of the car visit our facebook page here.

In comparison to other 2012 cars our sidepods seem to have far more curvature which could improve airflow past the rear wing. Of course there are more changes but analysis of the technical changes will take time :-)

We asked for your thoughts on the new car via facebook and here they are:

Sümìt Síngh Lódhì: "Nose looks little ugly but all rest of the car is looking good :)"

Ritesh Tripathy: "Good paint job but odd duck-billed platypus nose that seems to be all the rage this season, even the new Ferrari has one. Rest of the car looks good and I have a feeling this car is going to be pretty quick"

Pankaj Picasso: "This car till date looks very sleek and beautiful in shape wise as well as color scheme luks different.. nice over all car is good looking and i hope it will b one of the fastest cars challenging big boys up d order..."

This article will be updated later today with thoughts from the team, we'll give you a heads up on facebook! :-)

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