Force India- stay as a midfield team or move ahead?

This one is quite an interesting article we have in hand. Some serious words from deputy team principal Bob Fernley as he says the team faces decision on future ambitions. This is not about the team's future on monetarily base but the team's future as to what their aims and ambitions lie. As Bob said, "The question for the shareholders I think really is, do you want to stay as the best of the rest, or do you want to make a move to become a podium contender?" That's a valid question at this stage as the team looks to challenge the Top 5 teams and possibly fight for P5 position.

He adds, "At the moment it looks like we are in the mix for where we want to be - with the same people chasing us, and we chasing them - are as expected." The point Fernley wants to state is how much more can the shareholders of team invest to make it a team like that of Red Bull or McLaren so that the team in coming season challenges for podium and even for the title. He expects that the top teams will have massive updates whereas teams like Force India will have updates but not in comparison to the top teams.

I think it's a fair question in front of the shareholders. With the kind of success the team is having and should be having in the coming season, the investment rate should go up. More money should be brought in to boost the team's resources for development. If I were in the shareholders place, I would have invested more not thinking emotionally but thinking about the future a team like Force India can have. Hopefully, in the coming months we will know something more on this and to add some positive news on this.

Here is the full article for you to read.

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