Barcelona - day four

Result: Di Resta 3rd (1:23.119).

The final day of this test brought a mixed day for Force India.

On the one hand Paul managed to complete 101laps and gather lots of data for the team however the programme for the day was interrupted at one point when Paul went off into the gravel trap; thankfully the car was not damaged it just had to be recovered on a lorry during the subsequent red flag period.

Once more we must stress that laptimes don't count for much at this stage, what does count is the consistent running the team has had during this test.

Paul said:

"I had a small trip through the gravel in the morning, but nothing that caused too much of an issue, although we lost half an hour of running. The important thing is that we still managed to do our long runs in the afternoon and I could feel the changes we made compared to yesterday. It's given me a good impression of the car's balance and consistency, and we've seen that our long run pace is improving step by step."

As the test is over here are some stats from the four days:

Total number of laps completed - Barcelona Test
1) McLaren (463)
2) Williams (454)
3) Mercedes (399)
4) Sauber (395)
5) Force India (393)
6) Red Bull (365)
7) Ferrari (349)
8) Marussia (337) - in 2011 car.
9) Toro Rosso (296)
10) Caterham (240)
11) Lotus (7)
12) HRT (0) - not in attendance.

Combined Best Times - Barcelona Test (Force India)
1) Hulkenberg (1:22.608, day 2) 
2) Di Resta (1:23.119, day 4)
3) Hulkenberg (1:23.440, day 1)
4) Di Resta (1:25.646, day 3)

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