The votes have been counted!

The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs in India (FMSCI) who are the governing body of motorsports within India have had elections to see who will be president in 2012.

Unanimously, members of the FMSCI re-elected Vicky Chandhok once again! This is surely down to the success of the Indian GP in which Vicky played a crucial role.

(left to right: Vijay Mallya (chairman of the FMSCI and chairman/team principle of Force India F1), Jean Todt (president of the FIA) and Vicky Chandhok).
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On re-election he stated:

"2011 was a historic year for Indian motorsport as we hosted our first ever Formula one grand prix and the year ending FIA AGM and gala. It is imperative that we continue to develop the sport and the infrastructure. It is very important for India now to be seen as a team player and therefore all people nominated to the commissions are delegates with experience and people that can contribute to the running and administration of global motorsport. While it’s important to contribute to global motorsport, our delegates however need to strike a balance to ensure India benefits as a motorsport destination from the appointments of various commissions. This worked very well in the case of Formula one where years of solid interaction finally resulted in the olympics of motorsport coming to India. Similar are the goals for our various delegates in these commissions".

Vicky also went on to say: “The FIA flagged off their action for road safety campaign in 2011 as well and were very keen that the FMSCI align with some of the aspects of road safety in India. To make further rapid strides in Indian motorsport, involvement from vehicle manufacturers is of paramount importance. The last fortnight has been hectic in meeting with International auto manufacturers such as Audi, VW, Toyota, Mercedes, Maruti, Yamaha, TVS and Honda to further the growth in all forms of Indian motorsport”

Mr. Raj Bharat has been elected as vice president.

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