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Just a couple of things to inform you guys of:

Watch and listen to Paul Di Resta as he discusses his F1 journey so far and also Force India at the autosport show right here:

Meanwhile, in a rather lovely piece of news, Machdar Motorsports, the promoter of the i1 super series have launched their "My i1 Day" campaign! The objective of the campaign is to improve road safety and awareness among school children within India.

Darshan M, CEO of Machdar Motorsports said:

"It gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of 'My i1 Day' across schools in the country. We are initiating the program keeping in mind the dates of road safety week".

Vicky Chandhok (president of the FMSCI) also had his say:

"The i1 Day is a great campaign initiated by Machdar Motorsports. It is in line with the FIA’s objective to promote road safety and sustainability at all levels in every country across the world. Our road cars have made huge steps forward in terms of safety equipment but both human driving behaviour and the road themselves need to be improved drastically in our country. Road safety education for the young population is the way to go and schools are the ideal place to start creating this awareness of how important it is to be safe on our roads. The motorsport community has a huge role to play and the FMSCI is glad to support a great initiative like this"

We LOVE this news at Auto India Sports, as you've probably noticed we care very much about road safety and this can ONLY be good news :-)

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