Force India: on target!

The Force India VJM05 (the 2012 car) has now passed the FIA's mandatory crash tests ahead of pre-season testing in Jerez, Spain on 7th February.

The teams technical director, Andrew Green stated:

"We're on schedule, that's the good news, it's been a little bit tougher this year, having to homologate the chassis prior to testing. So there was a little bit of extra planning involved to get that sorted. The chassis has been homologated since December. There were a lot of fingers crossed! You're hoping everything does what all the analysis says it should have done. It's always nice when you reel off the tests one-by-one without any dramas at all. It's a real credit to everybody. It was such a close 2011 season, fighting where we were fighting in those last few races, we didn't know which way it was going to go. We weren't really anticipating such a strong response from Toro Rosso near the end of the season - they seemed to have a reasonable upgrade around Suzuka time. It's quite unusual for a team to come up with such a huge change so late in the season. So the concentration was right until the last race in Brazil. You could say that, from that point on, it's been 100 per cent focus on the new car for us".This news is ONLY good news for Force India; if there is any major reliable flaw discovered in pre-season testing then there is time to put it right, if not then this gives the team greater development time =) 

This approach is really different from 2011 where the team only really started their season in race five, Spain; using the first four races as extra development time. That system worked well, let's hope this new system does too!

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