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Lots of stories have been in the media lately regarding Force India ahead of the teams 2012 VJM05 car launch on 3rd February (read more on that launch from Force India here).

Let's start with the sad news first. Our ex-driver, Adrian Sutil, has been found guilty in a court of law. The German driver was on trial after an altercation with Lotus (that's 2012 Lotus) co-owner Eric Lux in a Shanghai nightclub during celebrations for Lewis Hamilton's 2011 Chinese Grand Prix win. It was put to the court that Sutil had injured Lux in an incident that had occurred. As a result Adrian has been given an 18month suspended jail sentence and a €200,000 fine.

What must be noted here is that this is a suspended jail sentence. This means that should Adrian not be found guilty of something similar in the next 18months, he will not serve time in prison. Nevertheless he still has the guilty tag over his head which is very disappointing.

Reliable F1 source, Adam Cooper (@adamcooperf1), stated that:

"CCTV showed the other guy attacked first and Adrian just tried to push him away. Also worrying when judge makes it clear that outcome influenced by the fact he was famous. Funny kind of justice in Germany...".

I don't wish to put words in peoples mouths but it sounds like Adam Cooper believes Adrian to be innocent; and given Sutil's usually calm laid back nature (remember Brazil 2009 with Jarno Trulli?) i would personally agree with Adam.

Following the decision by the German courts Adrian said the following: 

"Maybe I will take some time out now. Maybe I will do something completely different, think about things in peace. At least I shook Mr Lux's hand, that's a good thing".

We wish Adrian the very best of luck in the future but let's move onto some more positive stuff for now.

Vijay Mallya has had an interesting interview with German magazine Auto Motor und Sport. The Force India team principle stated:

"The Indian people are proud that we have been able to create a team for the country to play an important role in Formula One. Without our success we have attracted a larger group of supporters, now it's getting difficult to meet the demands. The people of India expect us to beat Mercedes now. Subrata Roy's [Force India co-owner] vision is to be as good as Red Bull but he's so excited that I have to stop him a bit. There are no shortcuts in Formula One."

Being as good as Red Bull may take a long time, however it's good to know that the Sahara group, who partially fund Force India, are committed to the cause and our ambitions :-)

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