2012 F1 calender & 2012 rule changes

The FIA yesterday revealed the 2012 calender. There were no changes from the last provisional calender. Autralian GP will mark as the season opener while Brazilian GP will be the season finale. For the very first time, we will witness 20 races in a season. There are several changes from the 2011 calender as Bahrain GP makes a comeback after numerous doubts due to unrest in the country. We also have a new GP in the name of United States Grand Prix happening in Austin after it got the clearance from F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone. The Indian GP is slotted to take place from 26th to 28th October, 2012. For the full 2012 calender click here.

We will also see several rule changes in the 2012 season. Big ones include clamping down of the engine mapping & exhaust positioning to outlaw the blown diffuser, a single in-season testing will be carried out for 3 days, during races all lapped cars can unlap them during a SC period and rejoin at the back of the grid, there will be a maximum race time of 4 hours to help in cases of race being suspended due accidents & rains or other hindrance. For more information regarding the changes to be seen in the 2012 season, click here.

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