Weekend Preview!

Well, most of the race series' we follow have now come to an end, just two remain in progress for 2011. You can view the status of each series on our championship standings page here. The eagle eyed among you will notice that the final rounds of the JK Racing Asia series have been moved from the Buddh International Circuit, India to the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia ... the reasoning behind this can be read here. A new weekend for the final races in that series has not yet been confirmed.

Anyhow, back on topic, the only race series in action this weekend is F1; the final race of the season in Brazil!

Let's see how things stand:

Constructors Standings (5th-8th)
5) Lotus Renault (72pts) 
6) Force India (57pts)
7) Sauber (42pts)
8) Toro Rosso (41pts)

In all honesty, Force India look very secure in their 6th place in the constructors championship; 15pts behind Renault and 15pts ahead of Sauber. However anything can happen in F1 so Force India need to be wary.

These are ways of scoring at least 15pts in F1:
  • One car finishing in 3rd place or higher (awards 15pts in total)
  • One car finishing in 4th place and one car finishing in 8th or higher (awards 16pts in total)
  • One car finishing in 5th place and one car finishing in 7th or higher (awards 16pts in total)
Unless either of these things happen to Force India, Renault or Toro Rosso then things will stay as they are with regards to our constructors battle - and you have to say those situations look unlikely. Nevertheless rain could play a factor and throw up a strange result; initial forecasts point towards a wet race.

Drivers Standings (9th-16th)
9) Vitaly Petrov (36pts)
10) Nick Heidfeld (34pts) 
11) Adrian Sutil (34pts)
12) Kamui Kobayashi (28pts)
13) Jaime Alguersuari (26pts) 
14) Paul di Resta (23pts)
15) Sebastien Buemi (15pts)
16) Sergio Perez (14pts)

Adrian Sutil is fighting for 9th place in the championship. He needs an 8th place in Brazil (awards 4pts) without Petrov scoring to leapfrog into what would be his highest drivers championship finish in F1; last season he finished in 11th in the championship.

For Paul Di Resta things are a little more open as there are many potential outcomes. His main battle however is with Kobayashi and Alguersuari for 12th place in the championship. If:
  • Paul takes 8th in Brazil (awards 4pts) without Alguersuari finishing higher than 10th (awards 1pt), he will move upto 13th in the championship.
  • Paul takes between 5th-7th in Brazil (awards between 10pts and 6pts) without Alguersuari getting 8th (awards 4pts) or higher and without Kobayashi getting 9th (awards 2pts) or higher, he will move upto 12th in the championship.
So to sum up, both titles may be decided however there are things still to play for! Furthermore let's not forget that Adrian and Paul will both want to impress as both have not yet had contract announcements for 2012.

Read what team members Adrian Sutil, Paul Di Resta and Vijay Mallya have to say about this weekend on the F1 website here.

Something tells me this is going to be a mega exciting GP! Follow the coverage with session reports right here at Auto India Sports.

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