Pit stops league!

F1 pit crews are well aware that they can win or lose races their respective team - against the relentless stopwatch time is critical, pressure is high.

So how are the pit crews doing so far this year?

Average cumulative total for pitstop times for the 17 races of 2011 (relative to fastest overall time)

1) Red Bull & Mercedes GP : Best
3) McLaren : + 0.3s
4) Force India : + 0.4s
5) Ferrari : + 0.5s
6) Renault : + 0.9s
7) Williams : + 1.1s
8) Lotus & Sauber & Toro Rosso : + 1.3s
11) Virgin : + 1.6s
12) HRT : + 3.2s

Fastest average stops from 17 races

1) Red Bull Racing : 9
2) Mercedes GP : 5
3) McLaren : 2
4) Force India : 1

It sure is great to see Force India's pit crew doing so well, 4th in the overall standings! Much of the time in F1 pit crews are overlooked as most attention is on the drivers but it's wrong to do this. F1 races would not be able to be conducted without the mechanics and they deserve just as much praise. F1 is a team sport and every member of the team deserves praise - they are clearly doing a brilliant job! =)

Thanks to autosport.com for the original data.

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