Force India Misconceptions

2008 - VJM01: 10th (0points)
2009 - VJM02: 9th (13points)
2010 - VJM03: 7th (68points)
2011 - VJM04: 6th (69points)

These are the results Force India have achieved in the constructors championship since entering F1 back in 2008.

Random fact: Force India are the ONLY current F1 team to improve every season both in terms of points and position.

Misconception #1: Most people think that our chassis name; VJM##, is named after team founder Vijay Mallya but this is not the case. The explanation behind the name is as follows:

V = Vijay Mallya (Founder/co-owner/team principle)
J = Jan Mol (Shareholder of Force India)
M = Michael Mol (Shareholder of Force India)

Misconception #2: Many people said that when James Key left Force India to join Sauber at the end of 2010 - Force India would struggle in 2011.

I can not understand why people thought that in the first place ... one man does not make a team. The whole concept of Formula One is that the "formula" needs to be right, everything needs to be correct for success - it does not just rely on one member of staff. Anyway clearly the team proved the doubters wrong. I wonder what James Key feels about his decision now?

Misconception #3: Many people are stating that Force India were disappointed with their cars pace at the start of the season. This is infact incorrect.

It's a fact that the car was not quick enough then, however the team had expected this to be the case. Pre-season they stated that people should not judge them based on the early flyaway races because they were holding off installing updates until the European races to focus time in the factory and develop the baseline car before adding other updates. In hindsight, this was a good decision.

Misconception #4: Many people believe that Paul Di Resta and Nico Hulkenberg have been signed as drivers for 2012. This is also incorrect.

The team have yet to announce who will be driving in 2012 and we await the decision (the date of 15th December for the announcement has been mentioned, but again that's unconfirmed).

Personally i would keep Adrian and Paul as our 2012 race drivers. Adrian really got the maximum out of the car this season, i don't see how he could have performed any better in all honesty. Meanwhile Paul did appear to drop some pace to Adrian towards the end of the season but nevertheless it was a fantastic debut season for him, probably better than anybody expected. Why change something if it is not broken?

Having said that the final decision does rest with Dr.Mallya and let's not forget the team have more data than us to come to a more informed decision about who is quickest; so i trust whatever decision the team make.

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