Weekend Preview - part three!

As there is so much news coming from the F1 paddock we need a part three to our weekend preview feature!

Firstly let's link you to some things:

Indian GP preview by F1.com - here (worth reading!)
Interview with Force India team principle Vijay Mallya - here
Preview quotes from all drivers/team principles - here

Meanwhile there are two good videos online which we will embed:

Paul Di Resta previewing the Indian GP

Adrian Sutil and Nico Hulkenberg talking about their previous Indian experiences

There has been much praise for the Buddh International Circuit so far and also a few problems (but that is to be expected on a debut event). News is flying in from various sources and so far i have not heard one bad thing about the circuit layout or India (as a country) itself - everything is positive which is great!

There have been a few issues in the media centre with two power cuts and also a bat managed to fly inside the building. Furthermore a few people have complained that some of the commentary boxes don't have windows and you can't actually see the circuit from them! Maybe this is something to think about for the circuits second GP (it's only by making mistakes that the organisers can improve the event) - but on the whole so far so good! =)

Looking elsewhere FIA institute have selected 30 young drivers to take part in a four day shootout to decide who will make it onto the 2012 Young Driver Excellence Academy. From these 30 drivers, 18 of them will be invited into the Academy run by the FIA to improve their skills.

One of the drivers invited to the four day shootout is Indian youngster Parth Ghorpade! Find out more here.

While on the subject of Parth, he was one of the ten drivers who travelled with Force India to Silverstone as part of the one from a billion driver academy. Unfortunately Parth was not one of the drivers who made it through the academy's tough selection process.

Force India selected three individuals who will now go through a training programme in the UK, those people are:

1) Arjun Maini (qualified from Bangalore)
2) Tarun Reddy (qualified from Chennai)
3) Jehan Daruwala (qualified from Hyderabad)

Remember these names, we may hear of them again very soon! :-)

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