Sahara Force India is born!

Just minutes after we last posted the news was announced!

Force India F1 have become Sahara Force India F1!

Under the agreement:

- Subrata Roy (chairman of Sahara) will invest $100Million into Force India.
- Subrata Roy will own 42.5%, Vijay Mallya will own 42.5% and Michael Mol will own 15%.
- Subrata Roy will become Force India chairman. Vijay Mallya will be managing director/team principle.
- Force India will be renamed Sahara Force India.

My personal view is that this was nessessary. This could well be the deal that takes Force India from a midfield team in 2011 to a regular podium contender in 2012.

This agreement means more money which in turn means an improved development rate and as a result, a faster car.

I'm not 100% convinced about the new logo or team name. I don't feel that Sahara Force India runs off the tongue very well however most people will more than likely refer to the team as Force India still. Nevertheless that's just my personal view.

A big thumbs up to Vijay Mallya for this deal and helping to take the team forward to the next level =D

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