Singapore GP - Pre Race!

So, it's raceday! Adrian will start P9, Di Resta P10.

As for the rivals chasing us (Sauber): Perez will start P11, Kobayashi P17.As for the rivals we are chasing (Renault): Senna will start 15th, Petrov 18th.

So clearly we are in the best position going into this race; there is a good chance of a double points finish and closing in on Renault.

However there are a few pitfalls the team need to be wary of. Quite bizarrely the Singapore grid has rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12 all with teammates side by side. Considering the width of the Marina Bay track the drivers need to be wary of avoiding their teammate at all costs. Furthermore the turn ten chicane (named the Singapore sling) is very tight ... there is no way you can get two cars side by side through there so that's one of the danger zones at the beginning of the race. Infact, it's pretty much a danger zone for the whole race as we saw Kobayashi fly through the air and into the wall yesterday - it's easily done.

Also rain is a threat which just makes the possibility of hitting the barriers even greater. Plus the Singapore GP has never seen rain before - there is a worry among the drivers that the bright lighting may reflect off standing water and cause viability issues. That remains to be seen.

So to sum up the potential is there for a very good result indeed - especially if the guys ahead of us of issues. But the drivers need to be very cautiously aggressive; one mistake and the race could be over.

Elsewhere there has been plenty of news springing up since qualifying, here are all the links you need:

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As always we wish Force India the very best of luck; we're all rooting for them =D

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