Singapore GP - Points analysis

The official review quotes are now online here.

As we are now getting to the end of the season we need to analyse the points situation.

Force India need to attack (Renault, P5) and defend (Sauber, P7 and Toro Rosso, P8) in equal measure.

Going into Singapore the defence strategy was quite simple: outscore Sauber and Toro Rosso. The attack strategy was a little more complicated. With six races to go (before today's race) Force India were trailing Renault by 34pts. So 34points divided by six races (34/6) = 5.66. This means that in order to catch Renault, Force India need to outscore them by 5.66points in each race.

So to sum up the team had two objectives:

1) Outscore Sauber and Toro Rosso.
2) Outscore Renault by 5.66points each race.

This is how Force India and their rivals scored during the Singapore GP:

Force India: 12pts (6th & 8th)
Sauber: 1pt (10th & 14th)
Toro Rosso: 0pts (12th & 21st)
Renault: 0pts (15th & 17th)

Clearly both objectives were met. Force India did outscore Sauber and Toro Rosso; plus they managed to outscore Renault by 12pts!

Force India are now just 22pts behind Renault. This means the attack objective has now changed. 22pts divided by 5 races (22/5) = 4.4

Outscoring Renault by 4.4pts per race is the new target.

Clearly the team will aim for as many points as possible; i just wanted to analyse the figures to show just how good of an effort the team made today and how much it has helped in terms of the championship.

Check back in a few days time for the weekend review with Darshan Chokhani!

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