The sight, sound and smell of an F1 car, experienced for the first time

My F1 experience by Nikhil Pai in Bangalore

It was for the first time I was going to see an F1 car in action in my life and I was (as any F1 fan would be) VERY excited about it. I got the invite for the event as soon as I found out about it and the countdown began.

Reaching the venue, I was mighty impressed by the arrangements made and was eagerly waiting for the time to tick and for the action to begin. I was seated with my friends on the grandstand-type stands which had an amazing view from one end of the road to the other end of the stretch of road.

After a worthwhile wait, Hamilton reached the venue. After a small chat with the host and some interaction with the fans, they rolled out the MP4-23 out of the pit garage. He put on his helmet and got into it. They fired the engines and we counted down in chorus. As soon as the Green lights came on, the car just zipped by us in no time. The sound of the V8 was music to the ears.

He did a few doughnuts, burnouts, slides and few other tricks on the road converted to a track and it was a treat to the eyes and also ears ;) . The smell of rubber burning was amazing too.

After a few minutes in the F1 car, he took a few lucky winners and also 2 famous personalities (Ashok Kheny - MD of the NICE road project, and Rannvijay - VJ of MTV) for few hot-laps in the Mercedes AMG cars.

Due to public demand, they decided to bring back the f1 car onto the tarmac for another round. By this time, the first barricades had been breached. My friends and I got down from the stands and reached the barricade that was closest to the road (track). While Hamilton drove by, the sound of the engines pierced our ears and we could feel the air whipping past us and it was nothing less than a heavenly feeling.

During his performance, he stopped his 2008 F1 car RIGHT in front of us and waved out to us. The car was VERY close to us. I could see him and almost every detail on the car distinctly and this image has been etched into my memory. All of a sudden, he changed the gear and had gone before we could even blink. It took us a few seconds to get out of the dazed state as we had never expected to see it from such a close distance in such a way. After a few more 360's he ended the event by emerging out of the car amidst smoke from the tyres. What a finish that was.

The police and security had a difficult time in managing the over-excited crowd as this was the first time such an event had been organized in Bangalore. The organizers expected a turnout of around 5000 but it has been estimated there were over 40,000 people who came to watch this event.

Lewis was very happy to see such an enthusiastic crowd and didn’t hide his excitement when he was asked about the Inaugural Indian Grand Prix. He said that he finds the crowd in India very Passionate and was wrong when he thought we were passionate only about cricket.

On being asked about the motorsport scene in India, he said, One thing I can see is that people in India love sports. The problem is that there isn’t enough infrastructure in place, unlike in Europe. With the Indian GP coming through, there will be a lot of sponsors coming in and that can help build a good base for youngsters. Youngsters in India should continue having a dream and not let anyone or anything take that away from them."

This was one of the best days of my life and I enjoyed every moment of it. Looking at the number of people that turned up for this event, the Indian Grand Prix is surely going to be a major hit and all the fans, teams and drivers will be very happy and satisfied at the end of it. :)

Hoping to see Narain, Karun and atleast one of the Force India cars on the streets of Bangalore soon; and other cities too ;)

This is my first blog ever, so enjoy and feel free to give feedback! Thanks for reading!! =)

Thank You Thomas, for the pics!

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  2. Great read! And I can perfectly understand your excitement as I've seen more than once what an F1 car does to anyone watching it for the first time.. :)

  3. It is an awesome feeling that you never forget =)

  4. Indeed. I still remember mine like last week, Nurburgring '07..

  5. I believe India can bring a new taste for F1 in India

  6. Your right, October 30th could be a start of a new era for Formula One =)

  7. That's a shame but on the upside there should be plenty more opportunities in the coming years ;-)

  8. Good post! Brings out all the excitement u felt. Hope u get to see the races too. All the best & keep posting!!

  9. Gr8 write up!!! Wish i could sponsor you to the next race so that we could get more posts from you! Keep the posts going!!

  10. Great post! I'm so happy for you Pie!! =D

  11. i've got all your excitements runnin over me @ the moment ;). so glad that u enjoyed.. happy more ;) :)

  12. Wow nice read...!! Almost felt like i was in Banglore , Lewis infront of me waving hands!! Lucky fellow hope you will see more of those and many moments to cherish !! Wow nice read...!! Almost felt like i was in Banglore , Lewis infront of me waving hands!! Lucky fellow hope you will see more of those and many moments to cherish !!

  13. Nikz Then You Should Have Been There @BIC for The Inaugural Indian GP, that was an Awesome Experience, looking forward to to The Indian GP 2012 and I Hope You Too Would Be There, if you are wondering Yes I will Go :)

    1. Hey Mohit!
      Thanks for visiting here :)

      Yeah I hope i make it to the GP this year, nothing planned yet though.. :)


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