French F4 & Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup Update

Due to technical issues we were not able to bring updates from the latest rounds of these series so we will now review them in one big post.

French F4 Races - d'Albi
Race one result: Ghorpade 16th
Race two result: Ghorpade 9th (2points)

Qualifying went badly for the young Indian and yellow flags when the tyres were at the optimum performance level meant that Parth would start race one from 17th and race two from 15th - both results disappointing.

This bad luck would continue into race one as the car's engine cover came loose effecting the aerodynamics and handling of the car (see the picture below). This coupled with the fact that Parth had to go off track to avoid a spinning car later in the race meant that the result would only be P16.

(click to enlarge)

However, that's when Parth's luck began to change. Race two was brilliant and despite starting 15th the Indian driver flew through the field to finish 9th and pick up two championship points which moves him up one place in the standings to 15th position.

Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup - Brands Hatch
Race Result: Patel 6th (30points), Bolisetti 16th (10points)

Aditya Patel will be disappointed with 6th place in this race. In the previous round at the Nurburgring he grabbed a podium and i'm sure he was hoping for the same again. Nevertheless this result cements his 5th position in the championship and he has now broken the 200point barrier this season.

Sailesh Bolisetti had an average result based on other performances this season but due to other drivers results he did fall one place in the championship to 15th.

Championship standings from both French F4 and the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup can be viewed here.

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