Force India news!

Force India personnel have being talking to the media so we'll try some up their thoughts.

Firstly the relief for Force India fans is that Adrian Sutil did not visit the Williams factory, that story just turned out to be a rumor thankfully!

About his future he stated: "The team is very good here; it is doing a good performance. I know the team for a long time, so whatever I do I have to think twice if it is a good next step. The top teams are all closed anyway, the top four, so maybe there is no reason to change. I am just concentrated on my race, and see where it goes. I have no plans. The team wants wait until December and they don't want to tell who will be in the seat, otherwise they wouldn't wait so long. Whatever I do now, I have to be fast and I have to score some points. Then hopefully it is enough for them to say yes, he deserves another year with us, or not. If I do my races as I can, as good as possible, then I will get a seat."

Meanwhile on the subject of the constructors battle Adrian had this to say: "It is tight, so we have to push on. We have the better car in qualifying, but Sauber still looks quite strong in the race. That equals it all out a little bit. We have no reason to relax because it is so close. We are one point ahead at the moment, so have to keep pushing to the end."

Di Resta also had his say: "Last year, the team was fighting all season to get sixth place and lost it by a point, it would be rather harsh if that happened again. We were the chasing ones and now we have caught up and overtaken. We have shown good performance, although Sauber were strong in Monza until the cars stopped. We know that this is going to be a fight all the way. Some cars seem to work some places and some don't. But we have changed our car philosophy, and it's a philosophy that has got us a lot of points this year and which will work better on the tracks coming up from now."

Paul makes an interesting point, last season we finished just one point behind Williams for 6th. This season we are one point ahead of Sauber in the battle for 6th - so progression has been made.

The official preview quotes for the Singapore GP are now online here.

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