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Unusually last week there was no Indian involvement in motorsport, infact there was very little motorsport full stop. This weekend however we have F1 and F2 in action!

The F1 circus heads to the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium - a very historic circuit for Force India. It's the track where the team got their first pole, points and podium all in one race back in 2009 with Giancarlo Fisichella finishing in 2nd place. Infact, it could have been a win if it wasn't for an early safety car.

It was a special moment for the Indian team - here is what team boss Vijay Mallya had to say after the race:

Nevertheless that's in the past and we must look to the 2011 race. While prior performance is no guarantee to future success, Force India do generally perform very well in Belgium. The reason is that the Spa-Francorchamps circuit is a very long lap with high speed straights and historically the Force India car has a high straight line speed in comparison to other teams which is what is required at this particular track. Although the downside to having a high straight line speed is that you have less downforce resulting in slower cornering pace.

However, what are the teams chances this season? The team does NOT have the fastest straight line speed anymore however the trend this season seems to have shown that Force India have the 3rd fastest car in a straight line behind Mercedes and Renault. This is still very good because unlike other seasons, this time the car has much, much better downforce!

That's the reason why this race could be brilliant for the Indian squad! Good straight line speed and good downforce, a much more complete package to what we have had in previous years. Almost certainly, barring bad luck, the team will be competing for points and they may even be competing for more than just points with a little luck! Could we see another shock like in 2009?

Drivers Championship (11th-17th)
11th: Kamui Kobayashi (27pts) 
12th: Adrian Sutil (18pts)
13th: Sebastien Buemi (12pts)
14th: Jaime Alguersuari (10pts)
15th: Sergio Perez (8pts) 
16th: Paul di Resta (8pts)
17th: Rubens Barrichello (4pts)

Currently in the drivers championship Sutil is 12th and Di Resta is 16th, and both drivers, in particular Di Resta, have a great chance of moving up the order this weekend.

Constructors Championship (6th-8th)
6th: Sauber (35pts) 
7th: Force India (26pts)
8th: Toro Rosso (22pts)

Meanwhile in the constructors championship Force India are just 9points behind Sauber. If the team can get a double points finish this weekend there is no reason why they can't overtake Sauber and grab 6th place =)

You can read thoughts from Adrian Sutil, Paul Di Resta and team boss Vijay Mallya about the Belgian GP on the F1 website here.

That's probably more than enough info on F1, so now onto F2.

Currently the standings look like this:

Drivers Championship (10th-26th)
10th: Jordan King (17pts)
11th: Kelvin Snoeks (16pts) 
12th: Armaan Ebrahim (16pts)
13th: Mikkel Mac (14pts)
14th: Jon Lancaster (14pts)
15th: Thiemo Storz (13pts)
16th: Max Snegirev (8pts)
17th: Banjamin Lariche (5pts)
18th: James Cole (4pts)
19th: Johannes Theobald (1pt)
20th: Jose Luis Abadin (1pt)
21st: Tom Gladdis (1pt)
22nd: Julian Theobald (0pts) 
23rd: Parthiva Sureshwaren (0pts)
24th: Sunghak Mun (0pts)
25th: Plamen Kralev (0pts)
26th: Natalia Kowalska (0pts)

They're racing at the Red Bull Ring this weekend in Austria (formerlly known as the A1 Ring) and Armaan Ebrahim is looking to score points for the 3rd consecutive race as last time out he showed an improvement in form at Brands Hatch. As for Parthiva he is still looking to get off the mark this season after some disappointing results however he did also show improved pace in the last race - he just needs a little more speed to score his points of the season.

We wish Force India, Armaan and Parthiva the best of luck this weekend. Full championship standings from every series will follow are available to view here.

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