Parth Ghorpade Interview!

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Parth is currently racing in French F4 and with 10/14 races completed the Indan is 16th in the championship having grabbed two finishes in the points (both 8th places).

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Our interview was a question and answer session and everything that came out of the interview is posted below - enjoy! =)

1) When did you begin racing and what made you decide to get into motorsport?

My first race was a Cadet race in the JK Tyre Karting series at Goa in 2002. I enjoyed the sport from the beginning and it got more serious when the Rotax series started in India.

When you started was it just a hobby or did you always want to try and become professional?

Yes, it began with fun karting at the rental track, Hotdrive, in Kolhapur. It got more serious when the Rotax series started in India.
Do you have any motorsport idols? Who are they?

From the current drivers, Alonso and Vettel.

Every driver has a different driving style, which of the current F1 drivers would you compare yourself to in terms of driving style?

It is too early to compare my driving style with F1 drivers! However, speaking for myself, I have always tried to be clean and fair on track, and I think those I have raced with here and abroad will agree with this.

You are currently racing in French F4, are you enjoying the experience?

Yes, very much so. It has been very competitive racing and inspite of limited testing before and during the season I have been racing on equal terms with some very good drivers on their home tracks. It has given me a lot of confidence for the future.

You have had two points finishes this season, were you hoping for more?

But for some mechanical issues and accidents caused by others, I would have had some more by now. Certainly two at Val De Vienne, maybe one at Nogaro, and even Spa inspite of the poor starting position. However, this is one of the closest F4 grids in recent times, and at least 17 of 20 drivers are capable of finishing in the top 10 on a normal day.

What are your hopes for the remainder of the season?

There are still 2 rounds (4 races)  left, and the goals are to qualify closer to the top 5, finish each race in the points, and the championship in the top 10. But for problems in the last 2 races, I would have been close to the last objective by now.

Do you have any plans for after this season? Will you remain in French F4 or move to a different series?

The professional advice given by the race engineers and driver coaches is that I need to move onto the next level, Formula Renault 2.0. However, a final decision will have to be taken soon but it is dependent more upon the funding that can be generated to have a proper testing and racing programme. Without proper testing it is not possible to win at that level.

What are your aims within motorsport? Do you believe you can make it all the way to F1?

To race professionally and at some stage to earn a living out of the sport. F1 remains the prime objective, and given the proper funding at each stage there is no reason to discount the possibility of knocking at the doors 5 years down the line. But, as you well know, there is no shortcut or magic solution. I have to perform in the junior and middle formula, and for this there has to be adequate funding. As a driver, there is only so much I can do.

Finally, we were wondering if your planning to attend the first ever Indian GP later this year?

As of today, it does not seem likely for 2 reasons. The last F4 race is on the same weekend. Even if I excuse myself from this to do the JK Asia support race, I need to do some testing as the cars are totally different. Unless there is some sponsor for a one off race and atleast 2 days testing, it looks difficult. The original F4 calendar was ending earlier and I was looking to racing at the first Indian GP. Lets see if something comes up.

To find out more about Parth visit his website here.

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