JK Racing Asia Series - Guangdong

Usually at this time i would be reporting on how Raj Bharath has got on in the first two races at the Guangdong International Circuit in China.

However, due to an unfortunate typhoon near Indonesia the delivery of the cars and equipment for the JK Racing Asia Series has been delayed. As a result race organisers had no other option but to cancel the scheduled races.

David Sonenscher, the CEO of Motorsport Asia gave the following statement:

"The shipment of the JK Racing Asia Series containers was delayed by a typhoon, so we decided to cancel the event and although we could have tried to push it, we have all experienced standing in the Paddock waiting for the containers to arrive at the last minute in China previously and we felt that it was better to look for another option than to try to run a condensed or reduced programme.

After the ship docked in Hong Kong, the transhipment of containers to Guangdong would only have been completed by the Friday or even Saturday of the race week, which meant that there was no way to conduct the programme we had planned. I spoke to all the Team’s Principals yesterday and we unanimously agreed that we had no choice but to replace the race weekend in Guangdong.

I have quite a few options on the table already and to be honest, some of them look far better and more exciting, so who knows, this may be a blessing in disguise. I am weighing them all up and then I will meet with the Teams early this week to finalise it. We will announce the new date and venue very soon".

The next race on the calendar is scheduled to be the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore on the 24th September, however as stated above by David Sonenscher we may get a replacement race for Guangdong before then.

We'll keep you up to date with all the new here at Auto India Sports. 

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