Indian National Drag Racing Championship

Following the announcement of the i1 Supercar Championship earlier this week (which you can read about here) another motorsport series has been announced ... the Indian National Drag Racing Championship has been setup.

All these announcements of new racing series' within India must be down to the upcoming Indian GP, people are beginning to realise that India, a country of 1.2Billion people, is relatively untapped when it comes to motorsport.

This new series will race five rounds in three cities. The calendar is below:

1) Hyderabad (13th/14th August 2011)
2) Coimbatore (24th/25th September 2011)
3) Bangalore (15th/16th October 2011)
4) Coimbatore (19th/20th November 2011)
5) Hyderabad (17th.18th December 2011)

If you'd like to enter the series or read more about the format, rules and regulations visit the official website here.

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