Indian GP - Sponsors, Opinions and Tickets

Three bits of news here, and it's all good =)

First up, the Indian GP has a sponsor! F1.com broke the news that Bharti Airtel will be the primary sponsor of the "Airtel Grand Prix of India". Below is the new logo for the event!

Clearly this is great news for motorsport in our country! The Indian race sponsorsed by an Indian company - things are really coming together!

The second little piece of news is that chief track designer Hermann Tilke has stated: "The Indian track would in part be a very fast track. It will have two or three overtaking opportunities. The track is fairly spectacular so i'm delighted". (Note: this is only a partial quote, the original quote was in German and needed to be translated")

Finally, @IndianGP on Twitter tweeted this: "A press conference regarding tickets on Saturday at Jaypee Greens Spa & Resort, in Greater Noida #stayupdated"

Very cryptic news but we're looking forward to the conference where ticket prices will probably be announced. You'll here all the news as it breaks here at Auto India Sports.

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